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A new concept in scenery design utilising 15m imagery to show the real world at an economical price without filling up Terrabytes of valuable HD space and with good pc performance.

The whole of the Northern Territory of Australia, 1,421 million km2 of true color 15m Landsat 8 satellite imagery for enroute flight simulation. There are three options installed.

1/ A "real Water Layer" created from the imagery

2/ A full composie layer where you will see the imagery at altitude with a blend of your underlying Land Class Scenery below and closer to your aircraft at lower altitudes

3/ A partial composite layer where you will see your imagery at altitude as a blend further from the aircraft whilst you will see your Land Class Scenery below and around your aircraft, particularly at lower altitudes.

The scenery is Perfect for cruising at above medium altitudes.
Product available via Direct Download.
A download link and an install password will be emailed to you within 24hrs of receipt of your transaction.


The Northern Territory v2 Composite Scenery

  • For personal use on a single pc. Commercial use available upon request.

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