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South East Australia in true color 15m Imagery, including the states of NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and The Australian Capital Territory, a combined area of 1,096,995km2.The scenery is designed for en-route flying above medium altitudes. Your default or add-on land class scenery will show around your aircraft during departure and arrival at lower altitudes with the composite showing further away from the aircraft until you gain altitude where you will see the "real world" around your aircraft unless you bank the aircraft steeply or look down from an external view. The scenery is frame rate friendly on your computer and the installed file size is under 8GB. Included is a separate composite layer of water which can be switched on or off in your scenery library depending on your preference.
Product available via Direct Download.
A download link and an install password will be emailed to you within 24hrs of receipt of your transaction.


South East Australia

  • For personal use on a single pc. Commercial use available upon request.

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