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Gibson Sceneries for Flight Simulator

En-Route Scenery Series
A new technique in scenery design.
Forms a composite over your favourite Land Class Scenery.
Free upgrade available for existing purchasers!
All Scenery is now available at SimMarket!

Free Demo available here! 

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NT 12.5 32500ft.png

Actual screen capture. Simulator: Lockheed Martin Prepar3d v4.5.

PMDG Boeing 737 in Virgin Colours over the Northern Territory of Australia 

Comments from customers

"All I can say is wow! Really good."

          James M, Sydney Australia

- filling in the gaps. -

En-route Scenery created from Satellite Imagery

by Earthstar Geographics TerraColor NextGen.

For medium to high altitude en-route Flight Simulation.

                                                                                   Supported Platforms:- 

                                                                                            Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX & SE      

                                                                                            Lockheed Martin Prepar3d v1, v2, v3 & v4

"Yes I am enjoying the scenery!!! I am a real airline pilot and just enjoy flying around with photo real scenery. 

The only thing I would say is Victoria and outback NSW are much more brown than in the scenery, but it’s not a biggie!! 

I would definitely buy the rest of Australia when you do them!!! I also like the China one and will be getting it soon too!!!

Great job!!!"

Danny, current airline and ex RAAF Instructor Pilot/F-111/P3C pilot

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